Monday, March 9, 2009

"Lucky" Four-Leaf Clover Baby Thumbprint

Okay, I found out there's some people who feel that I should be displined and only use the footprint. Then, there's the other side where a print is a print no matter what. I tend to go with the latter. I tried and tried to use the baby's foot for the St. Patty's card, but it just turned out awful! So deep breath...don't fight the instinct and...voila! I'm in a happy place.

You'll need a little "luck" and a well-behave participant to get your little one to make 4 little strikes on a card that looked like a clover.
For some shimmer, I cut a circle out of some gold metal sheets and made slits around the outside edge. I then centered it on a small round container, pushed the edges up and then squished it back down again.

I also dug around and found some rub-ons for the word "happiness" and applied it to the bottom next to my green rhinestone heart.

Whew! I've completed another "holiday" babyprint-inspired-art piece again!

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