Friday, August 31, 2007

Halloween Card

I'm sooo excited with the anticipation of Halloween this year. Do you think it will be okay to decorate in September? Soon I'll be sharing several of my latest Halloween creations on this Blog. Unfortunately I get so wrapped up in crafting that I haven't taken step by step photos, but in the meantime I'll go through my archives to share some of my older Halloween crafts.

I love to make cards for my wonderful friends at work. So for a number of years I've made anywhere from 20-30 Halloween greetings each season. This one is a tag with some vintage clip art printed on transparency paper. The transparency was held over a candle flame to melt and singe the edges before gluing it to the tag. I also printed out everyone's monogram initials and glued it under a clear marble. The ribbon and yarn adds some additional texture to the overall look.

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