Saturday, October 20, 2007

Black Cat Plaque

"At the witching hour hang a bell of gold
around a cat's neck and he'll do what he's told."

This simple black cat hanging was done a piece of thick 6"x6"cardboard and leftover scrapbook papers. After adhering the papers down I dripped some Dimensional Magic or Diamond Glaze down the right side of the project. This is a special paint that dries to a clear shiny glass-like finish, but while the paint was wet I generously sprinkled purple glitter and let it dry untouched.

Now for the framed cat. I used the same paint to evenly coat a sheet of thin plastic and layed a piece of cling wrap on top of the wet paint to create folds and bubbles as the paint set. After it set I pulled off the cling wrap and let it dry completely until crystal clear. I cut this and the black cat picture to fit the inside of the metal frame. Glue the pieces to gether and then use Pop Dots to attach the frame to the cardboard. Add gold jingle bells to the sides of the frame to emphasize the saying in the picture.

Turn the piece over to glue and pleat the black crepe paper around the border. Finish the project off with a black rubber spider. I'm thinking of adding a black satin ribbon to the top so I can hang it.


  1. Happy Halloween Cathy!
    Love this piece, I really like that drippy glittery stuff!
    Sandra Evertson

  2. I love this piece. You always have such great ideas!
    Dana Thomas