Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ode to Aunt Hazel

This is probably my favorite Halloween project I did this year. I just love the texture and detail on the lid. Just turned an old photo into Witchy Hazel by adding a black paper hat on her head and attaching the photo to the inside of the jar. The handle of the jar was wrapped in purple yarn and finished off with a computer generated "Aunt Hazel" nameplate.

Now for the fun part...the lid. I pleated orange crepe paper with a needle and thread before gluing it down. Twigs cut from a silk flower stem added a branchy look. Now for my Ghoul Eggs...I had these plain wood eggs since Easter that I painted with black paint, added flecks with a toothbrush in white, brown and moss green. I think they turned out awesome.

The poisonous hat pins are made with head pins from the beading department and beads from my craft stash. I glued and added a crimp bead at the bottom of the pin to hold everything in place. Just glue and arrange all your goodies on the lid and finish off with a rubber scorpion. The lid has so much texture that it can really creep out your guests!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Cathy, I LOVE those spooky black eggs!
    And I think I even see a slithery black snake inside the jar with her!
    Sandra Evertson