Friday, February 22, 2008

Tick Tock Dreams

Here's a decoupage plate that I created to complete a set from last year (see previous post). Wouldn't it be lovely to have a wall covered in plates that you made yourself and then mix in some finds from antique stores? I can see myself adding to this wall, there are so many papers and colors to use!

On this plate I cut the clocks, flowers and bed out of my magazines. What a great way to recycle those mags and save some of the photography that catches your eye. Look for the clear glass plates, you can buy them at home stores or even the Goodwill. Take notice of the backs, some plates have a round ridge on the back and some are smooth. The smooth ones are easy to use, but if you can only find the ones with the ridge, just take care when gluing your papers down. You'll need more time to get the paper to lay down around the ridge.

Decide where you want the magazine cutouts to go and spray them with an aerosol clear acrylic sealer on both sides. After it dries apply Mod Podge decoupage finish which is a special glue to the front of the cutout. Press and smooth the cutout onto the back of your plate. Work out all the air bubbles if possible. Continue to glue down all the pieces and let dry. Using a basic acrylic paint, paint the entire back of the plate to cover the glass and cutouts and let dry. If you need a second coat, add one. Then brush Mod Podge across the back to seal everything. Make sure it dries completely before hanging on your wall.


  1. Love these! They just scream Spring Time!
    Sandra Evertson

  2. What gorgeous plates and a wonderful idea! I have two empty wall plate holders and no plates to put in them. I think I will be whipping up some plates soon.

    Yay, I am so inspired now!!


  3. These are really pretty. Love the colors and images used. They have a bit more of a contemporary feel to them (to my way of thinking, anyway) than a lot of plates I've seen decopaged. Very inspiring. Makes me want to hunt down some glass plates today!...Thanks for the kind comment on my blog this morning. :)