Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Paper Garland

Okay, okay...enough of the baby crafts you say. Since I don't have a ton of time to craft, I thought I would share a paper garland project I made last summer. This is easy to do. Remember when as a child you would accordion fold paper to make a fan, well you would use the same technique for this project.

Take some fun tie dye paper and fold it up. Then gently tear the edge of the paper. Fold the paper in half to find the center, then bring the ends together and staple so that you create this fanned medallion. Then take some alphabet rubber stamps and stamp the word "Summer". Punch out each letter with the trusty large circle punch and glue to cover the unsightly center of the medallion.

You can kind of see it in the photo, but I ran beads of glue in between the folds of the fan and sprinkled with.....glitter, of course. Punch a few holes and hang for an instant decor.

I really thought this turned out very nice and I love the colors of the paper. Happy Summer everyone!

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