Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jolly Elf Ornaments

I found this super cute ornament idea in one of my parent magazine. Well, actually I have to give credit to the hubby in pointing this out to me....does he know me or what?! Anyway, I was so excited about making these for the baby's Christmas tree I put up in the nursery, so I whisk away to Michael's to buy supplies. It took no time to whip these little guys up.

Supplies: chenille stems- 1 whole and 1/2, plastic metallic beads, large wood bead, wood heads already painted, scrap felt, hot glue, pom pom.

Fold the longer chenille stem in half and slide on a large bead and the painted head about half way. Slide on the plastic metallic beads in a color of your choice for the legs. Fold and twist up the "feet" to hold the beads in place.

Twist the 1/2 chenille stem under the painted head and slide on more plastic beads and fold & twist the "hands".

Cut a 3-4" semicircle out of felt for the hat and a 4" strips for the scarf fringing the ends. Add a small slit on one end of the scarf to slide one end of the scarf through the hole. Use hot glue to roll the semicirle into a cone hat. Slide the hat over the folded part of the chenille stem and over the head. Hot glue a pom pom.

That's it!

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