Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sweet Valentine Thumbprint Card

This was inspired by the Valentine '09 issue of Martha Stewart magazine - all you really need is paper and a pigment ink pad...and a wet wipe nearby. Since my 9 month old doesn't have much of a fingerprint, I decided to use his chubby little thumb instead.

The best time to do it was when he was still waking up from his nap. I stamped his thumb on an ink pad and created as many hearts as I could on a 12"x12" white card stock. I re-inked his thumb with each impression. From that I ended up with enough "usable" hearts.

Card was designed in Microsoft Word and printed directly onto the textured card stock, trimmed with the scalloped blade on my tabletop Fiskar's cutter (Hmmm, I should do a blog on my favorite tools), glue a Swarovski crystal in the center.

Next I punched out the thumbprint and attached with a Pop Dot (one of my favorite products) on top of some scrapbook paper. Add some ribbon and done!

I made several cards for the daycare children/teachers and of course the grandparents. Happy Valentines Day!


  1. I think your favorite craft tool is your 9 month old...: ) I love the personal touch. How sweet.