Saturday, October 10, 2009

Altered Vintage Print

My sister met a woman who's hobby is going to flea markets and yard sales. The woman gave her a bag of old prints she bought because it was too good of deal not to buy it. For a bag of about 15 or so very large old prints she paid $0.50 for the entire bunch!

My sister saw them and immediately thought of me knowing I would think of some creative touches to add. I saw so much artistic potential in these crumbly things and was so excited to alter one right away. So I talked my sister into visiting the "Craft Shack" to do a joint project together.

Here's the almost before picture of the original print. (I keep forgetting to take pictures before I get started.)
We smudged some paint in the background, painted her nails red, added some extra golden curls in her hair and then added rhinestone jewelry and accessories. All she needs is some fake eye lashes and a mole.

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