Sunday, October 5, 2008

Halloween Decoupage Collage

Recycle glass from old picture frames by decoupaging magazine clippings on to it. Just be very careful not to cut your fingers on the edge of the glass.
It takes careful planning and positioning to glue backwards! But reverse decoupaging is so cool! I just love having the smooth glass on top and then all the glue, paper and paint on the back. After gluing down all the peices I sprinkled some areas with glitter and then brushstroked with metallic paints, let dry and coat the entire back in black paint. I used this scalloped copper tape around the edges. Add a couple more coats of Mod Podge to seal. Add some felt feet to the back and viola!

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  1. Hey Cathy!

    It's Amy from Plaid. I linked to your blog from my blog - World of Mod Podge! Love this plate. Talk to you soon!